Discover The Secret Formula That Reveals Secret Traffic Generation Techniques Used To Successfully Generate Millions For Hundreds of Online Marketers

'Sneaky Traffic Methods'

 - How giving stuff away for free will generate hordes of traffic as a result. 
 - Powerful advertising methods that most  - people don't think about. 
 - Twitter strategies that'll help you spread the word for free and by others. 
 - How to generated more traffic using 
 - How to generate free traffic using Yahoo Answers quickly & easily. 
 - How to incorporate the concept of using keywords on your sites for search engine traffic. 

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How To Drive INSANE Amounts Of Traffic To Any Of Your Sites In 30 Days Or Less
Discover Secret Methods For Increasing Your Conversion Rates By Up To 400%!
Create Cash-Generating Traffic Funnels From Multiple Sources
Generate Traffic To Your Site Quickly and Easily By Simply Following an Effective Step-By-Step Blueprint
Create a 6 or 7 Figure Lifestyle By Creating Long Term Traffic Funnels That Convert To Generate Consistent Sales
Work Smarter and Not Harder By Putting Into Action a Proven System That Has Been Used Many Successful Internet Marketers To Generate Thousands Of Unique Visitors In Less Than 30 Days!

From The Desk Of Simon Stepsys "The Net Guru"


I'm sure you're well aware by now that Traffic is ABSOLUTELY VITAL to sustaining a profitable online business. No matter what niche you're in, or what you're selling or advertising, traffic really is the lifeblood of your online business. If you break down making money online to the basics it would look like this:

You can have the fanciest website with all the bells and whistles, you can have the best looking killer product offer that you know is of great value, but let's face the end this will not make you a dime if you don't have any traffic.

There are websites out there that look terrible and unattractive, with average sales copy, and average offers, but they're still making a ton of money!


Because of the sheer amount of targeted traffic they're getting. Even if they have a poor conversion rate they are still making money because of the volume of targeted visitors they are driving to their site.

As stated above, the formula to making money is traffic PLUS conversions.... but most importantly; traffic. Without it, everything else doesn't even really matter. If you create a product offer or website, you can't just put it out there on the web and hope that people will somehow find it or stumble up on it, you need to actively go out and promote it. You need to take action everyday by driving traffic to it through a number of sources.

Well you might be thinking "I've heard all this before, and it sounds difficult and like a lot of daily hard work".

But the great news about setting up streams of traffic funnels is that even though it make take some effort and daily consistent action on your part initially, you now have the ability to create what I like to call 'Traffic Momentum'. Setting up traffic funnels and building exposure to your website through various channels will have a accumulative effect over time to create a long term traffic stream to your site.

Think about it, once you create the initial 'traffic generator' such as an article, video, press release, links in forums, blogs and web 2.0 sites, these traffic sources will stay out there on the web and will also be likely to be indexed by the search engines and appear in search results. If you know exactly how to set up these traffic generators in the RIGHT way, and take consistent action to set them up and distribute them, they will stay out there and generate traffic for you for weeks, months, and even years!

I still get an absolute ton of traffic from articles and videos I created and distributed years ago, and I continue to build on that to generate even more traffic to my websites.

The other great thing about this, is that once you've got your hands on the right traffic formula and know exactly what works and what doesn't, you then have the ability to outsource all the work for you to generate traffic completely on autopilot!

However, there's one crucial piece of this traffic generation puzzle that is missing...a complete step-by-step system of exactly what traffic funnels to set up and how to set them up effectively in the right way that will create fast results.

I mean sure, you could spend hours of your precious time and spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars finding out exactly what works and what methods are a waste of your time, but would that really be worth it for you?

There are dozens of courses, guides, videos, software tools out that claim to produce amazing results fast but very little of them actually work. Many people, much like me when I was first starting out, buy up every course and software tool they can get their hands on that promised 'magic push-button results' that would instantly drive traffic to their site. 
9 times out of 10 they end up feeling overwhelmed, confused and demoralized. Piecing together the 'traffic generation system' puzzle can take a lot of trial and error and jumping on the bandwagon every time a 'guru' comes out with a latest way to drive traffic can often just leave you out of pocket and back at step one.

That's why it's important to do what really works, what's already been proven to work by thousands of successful marketers.

So I've combined all of my knowledge and years of experience on how I personally generate traffic first-hand into an easy-to-follow COMPLETE step-by-step system that shows you the very BEST and most efficient ways to generate traffic.

Not only will this step-by-step system teach you how to generate a massive amount of traffic to your site, it will show you exactly how to generate HIGHLY TARGETED visitors to your site. Targeted traffic is by far one of the most important factors in generating consistent sales.

This does NOT have to be complicated. Driving high quality targeted traffic is not as hard as you may think. 'Traffic Explosion Formula' will show you a complete break down of the very BEST traffic-getting methods that have been proven to work time and time again. You won't need to waste any more time filtering out complicated traffic methods that produce little in return. Every traffic generation method that is worth doing and produces fast long-lasting results is laid out in the 'Traffic Explosion Formula' System with efficient step-by-step action plans.

You don't have to worry about wasting another day guessing which traffic generation method will actually produce results and whether or not they are sustainable. This is a COMPLETE system and you will not have to supplement it with anything else. Simply follow the 'no fluff' instructions outlined in the  easy-to-follow video course and you will be seeing results in no time!

This is the system I personally used to drive thousands of unique visitors to a brand new website in less than 30 days...without spending a dime!

If you are:

Serious about starting a sustainable online business
Have a minimal amount of spare time
Are deeply motivated to improve your financial situation
Need a clear-cut, step-by-step blueprint to generating tons of targeted traffic to your site
Need the blueprint to be laid out in a logical way that is easy to understand and produces fast results

... then Traffic Explosion Formula is for you!

And for the record, you

DON'T need any previous experience
DON'T need any technical skills
DON'T need to be a sales person
DON'T need to wait 6 months for results
DON'T need to work all day and night to make ONE sale
DON'T need much money to get started

You don't need to be incredibly smart, have any special technical skills, or even already have your own website!

All you have to do is follow simple step-by-step instructions outlined in Traffic Explosion Formula and you will be well on your way to creating your own cash pumping traffic funnels. It's so simple literally
anybody can do this....even a high school drop out!

Let's take a look at what you will learn in the Traffic Explosion Formula:


Why Traffic Can Either Make You Or Break You
How to Increase Your Conversion Rates
Identify Where and When You Are Losing Traffic/Leads and Why

How to use Google Analytics To Track Your Results and Pinpoint Your Problem Areas
how To use Split Testing To Maximize Conversion Rates and Solve Problems
Traffic Generator #1 - JV Partners 
Traffic Generator #2 - Affiliates
Traffic Generator #3 - Forums and Online Communities
Traffic Generator #4 - Article Marketing
Common Article Marketing Mistakes, Using Keywords Effectively, Getting Your Articles Read, Article Marketing Weekly Plan of Action
Traffic Generator #4 - Press Releases
Traffic Generator #5 - Video Marketing
How to Create Videos, Video Articles, Effective Video Marketing Strategies,  Video Marketing Weekly Plan of Action, Automatic Mass Video Distribution
Email Signature Files
Traffic Generator #6 - Social Networking Sites
Web 2.0 Directories, LinkedIn
Traffic Generator #7 - Blogs
Wordpress SEO, Plugins, Permalink Settings, Setting Up a Ping List in Wordpress
Traffic Generator #8 - Search Engine Optimization
Relevancy and SEO, Keyword Values, Keyword Research, Your Customer's Perspective,  Title Tags, Search Engine Friendly Content Structure
....and Much Much More!

     Total Running Time: 1hr 34min


PLUS you will also receive the 'Traffic Explosion Ebook'. This is 39 Pages of hard hitting traffic generation secrets to help you boost your unique visitor count!


39 Page Ebook

You have built your website and waited for people to see your website, but your main problem is getting customers in the door.
The very first step to making a sale is to let your customers know that you exist and letting them know where they can find you.
Once you know how, where, when and why you should do things; you will begin to see amazing results.
Traffic generation is the one thing that makes or breaks an online business. You need it and this module shows you how to get it.

One of the best ways to illustrate how
powerful Traffic Explosion Formula can be to drive consistent targeted traffic to your site, is to show you a few case studies of previous customers who have used Traffic Explosion Formula to successfully drive traffic generate a full time income online:


"You Are An Excellent Teacher"

"You are an excellent teacher - simplifying complex methods - especially to beginners. Your professional training is very valuable!"

Tammy Nelson,


"I Have Learned More From You Than
Anyone Else Out There"

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I have enjoyed your trainings.

To be quite frank, your courses have more content and real training than stuff I have paid for from the so called 'Gurus' in the past. Those guys only tell part of the story and then want you to cough up more money to get another little part of the puzzle.

Your training is in depth and comprehensive. You explain things in such a way that anyone can understand it and you leave no stone unturned. I have learned more from you than anyone else out there. Not to mention the fact that I can buy the training and watch it over and over until I get it down.

I don't even want to mention how reasonable your prices are because if people knew how cheap your training is, they would think it isn't valuable. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is one of those few times in life that if it seems too good to be true, but it really is true. No other marketer on the internet gives more or better training than you do and absolutely no one else does it for a better price.
I am one happy customer and your support is top notch too.

Thank you and God bless,
Pete Bass, TX

Traffic Explosion Formula will allow you to:

Get out of debt fast and pay your bills on time
Achieve Financial Freedom and have the ability to buy anything you want
Break free of the 9-5 rat race and quit your dead-end job that you hate
Be able to provide for your loved ones
Travel the world, holiday in exotic locations, and experience everything you've always dreamed of doing
Have plenty of spare time to spend quality time with your family and friends
Finally feel like your life is secure and under control

So, by now I'm sure you're wondering how much your investment for Traffic Explosion Formula will be, right?

And with most traffic generation systems (even those that are unproven) selling for $200 to $500 - that's a fair question, right?

What would you expect to pay for the exact same system that countless of other students have used, who had little spare money in their bank accounts, and almost zero time, to making full time online incomes that allowed them to quit there day job?

I mean seriously, what's that worth to you? What would it be worth to you to have their same turnkey system; to have everything laid out, step by step,  so all you have to do is just follow the instructions and duplicate what other students have done using this system

I Want To Tell You About Some Of The Other Things We're Throwing In To Help Speed Up Your Success...

Traffic Generation Software

"Automated Traffic-Getting Technology Sends Highly Targeted Traffic To Your Website"

Originally created for our own use, 'Traffic Generation Software'  has been used to build multiple 6 and 7 figure business models.

We've now decided, for a short period of time, to include it as an exclusive bonus when you purchase 'Traffic Explosion Formula' because we're positive that you too will see results!

This Traffic Generation Software will allow you to:

Work Smarter, Not Harder!!
Instantaneously Submit Your Content to THE Most Powerful Sites on the Internet
Rank on the Page #1 of Google and Youtube using Video, Articles, Press Releases and Social Media Sites
Generate Traffic by Syndicating Your Best Content
Go Viral... Establish Credibility, Exposure and Authority Online
Make You More Money!
.....and so much more!

This software is an example of leveraging automation at it's best!  

21 Tips & Tricks to Increase Sales!

21 Powerful 5 Minute Quick Website Fixes That Can Increase Conversions By 400% Combined!


 Learn 21 of my closely guarded quick-tricks proven to
increase sales time and time again across multiple markets

Are you failing to test "what works" & "what doesn't work"? ... Testing has been
proven to be the MOST powerful part of marketing since the beginning of the internet!

Don't throw away your valuable time and sacrifice sales with extensive testing ... instead, simply borrow my proven results to instantly boost your website conversions!

The best part is, nearly every trick resulting in a dramatic effect is
from small changes that are simple and very easy to implement!

In fact, nearly every trick can be implemented in your web site in less than 5 minutes each.

For example, renaming certain keywords, changing background colors,
locations to place order links, and font sizes. These all play a HUGE role
in how & why your web site visitors will take action.

This power-packed 47 minute video will cover...

The most important element REQUIRED near the bottom of EVERY sales page guaranteed to increase conversions!
A 5 minute simple trick that increases conversions by 6% while more importantly, reducing return rate by 38%
One simple trick forcing your web site to appear professional looking
A quick trick which instantly makes your web site stand out in every potential customer's web browser
An easy-to-insert top element most sales pages lack resulting in lost sales. You're probably losing sales right now if you don't have it!
A dead simple trick applied to your headline proven to boost conversions by 17%
The one "universal" magic number of keywords required to pull-in sales time and time again.
Every single best selling novel or book uses this simple tiny trick guaranteed to increase readership by nearly 40%
A simple trick that re-uses testimonial content which increases conversions by 19%
The #1 element proven to siphon customers into any sales funnel across any market!
The quickest way to increase sales by 28% with a simple trick near your order button
The best converting graphic proven to increase sales by 14%
A magic character you can change in literally 3 seconds that can increase conversions by nearly 17%
Re-insert a simple graphic near the top of your sales page and watch sales boost by 19%
Bad words ... good words, the words that increase sales every time!
The BEST 3 words you need to use over and over again!
... and a whole lot more ...

Used Together, These Marketing Tips & Tricks Have The Potential of Increasing Your Conversions
by Nearly 400% Combined!


So, let's add up what's included in this irresistible offer:

Value = 

Traffic Generation Software
Value =

21 Tips & Tricks to Increase Sales Value =

As you can see, the added bonuses raise the overall value to $691!

But we really want to make this an absolute no brainer, so here's what we're going to do:

First of all, I understand that a lot of people these days are wanting to get started but don't have a lot of money to invest so you won't have to pay $500 for this training (even though it's well worth it!).

Surprisingly, it's not even $200.

I normally charge $97 for this kind of content, but again, I wanted to make it affordable for everyone.

So everything you see above: the Traffic Explosion Formula Video Course and including the added bonuses will only cost you a low $47!


There's Bad News...

Because this is such an irresistible offer and the value is so high, I can't promise this low price for long.

There is only a LIMITED NUMBER OF COPIES AVAILABLE and the price will soon be put up, and if you're serious about making a full-time income from home you must act fast!

So, to lock in your price, and secure your $691 in free bonuses, click on the sign up button below now.

The bonuses and the price discount are there now, but they won't be there forever, and I can't tell you how long they are going to be around.

So go ahead, and click on the "add to cart" button below. It's just one payment of $47 and that gets you instant access to everything!

And in case you're still sitting on the fence for some reason, you should know that while this is a ridiculous offer, while I think $47 is an extremely low price, even with all that said, you should know that you're still backed by our 100%, 60 day money back guarantee.

I want you to try out Traffic Explosion Formula and simply follow the step-by-step system and take action. You've got a full 60 days to try it out, which is MORE then enough time to go through the training and implement it.

If you follow this system and don't make at least $1,000 your first 60 days, then just drop me an email and I'll refund 100% of your money.  No questions asked.  All I ask is that you make an effort.  Give it a fair shot.  Go through the training and take action, and I feel confident that you're going to see the minimum success that I'm laying out here.

I hope you achieve a lot more, but if for some reason it doesn't work out, let let us know and you risk nothing -  I'll give you all your money back.


Again, just imagine what you're life will be like if you were to wake up and see emails like this:

Imagine what it would feel like to have the
financial freedom and the spare time to go all the places you want to go and do all the things you've always wanted to do.

Imagine how good it would feel to put this system into action and soon be seeing results that could change your life and help you to get out of debt, pay your bills, provide for your family, and live a better life.

So don't put this off any longer! NOW is the time to take action and implement strategies that actually work to make you money online. With Traffic Explosion Formula you will be able to create a full time income from traffic generation in no time.

Don't delay
, just simply click on the order button below to get started and you will get INSTANT ACCESS to Traffic Explosion Formula immediately after payment.

This is where you'll get the best profitable traffic generation methods that will drive insane amounts of targeted customers to your site.
This is a total of 1 hours and 34 minutes of high-quality step-by-step training.
PLUS you'll also receive the 39 Page Traffic Explosion Formula Ebook.

Bonus #1 - Traffic Generation Software

Bonus #2 - 21 Tips & Tricks to Increase Sales

Thanks from "The Net Guru"


P.S. A Quick Word of Warning:  Traffic Explosion Formula is extremely limited to only 250 copies at $47 each. Once they're all gone the price will be raised to $97 and I can't promise you this offer will be around for long.
So act now before you miss out on this amazing opportunity. If you don't take action now, you will still just get the same results and nothing will change for the better.

Here's your chance to use the strategies and techniques outlined in Traffic Explosion Formula to help you to create a stable online business that will generate you more than enough income to quit your day job and achieve financial freedom. So go ahead and click the risk-free order button above to get started immediately.


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